Simple installation

Quickly, easily, and above all without financial risk, set up an Expar store in your accommodation unit. Ponudite svojim gostom več kot kadarkoli prej. S ponudbo primernih izdelkov in storitev boste vašim gostom olajšali bivanje in dvignili nivo nastanitve.

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1. Create a company profile

Enter your company information, Connect your Stripe and Eurosender account and p12 certificate for tax confirmation of invoices.

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2. Invite colleagues

Create an account for your colleagues (guest support, cleaning, delivery).


3. Open your first unit

Enter the details about the accommodation unit (house, apartment, room)

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4. Select a category

Select or add your product, service or experience category.

Screenshot 7

5. Add product or service

Choose or add your product, service or experience and add it to the offer of the accommodation unit. Mark the products that can be sent to the address and enter the shipping information.


6. Install QR code

Shranite in natisnite unikatno QR kodo izdelka ali storitve. Namestite QR kodo na primerno mesto v enoti. Skenirajte s telefonom in preverite predstavitveno prodajno stran izdelka ali storitve.

Expar platform


Increase added value per guest

The platform is designed as the first online application for purchases in tourist accommodation. 

It offers a presentation and the possibility to buy unique local products and experiences with added value. With a simple purchase via QR code and an intuitive experience in the comfort of their temporary stay.

Pomoč in predstavitev Expar platforme

Contact us and we will be happy to help you set up your Expar shop and advise you on choosing local products and experiences.

+386 41 619 698

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